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Chris Ducker

I thoroughly recommend Meron, his teachings and his vast knowledge in the area of podcasts for anyone that wants to kickstart their own podcasting journey.

Chris Ducker Author of bestseller, Virtual Freedom

Podcasts are insanely valuable because they help you:

  • Build up your name, promote your brand and increase your authority in your niche
  • Interview, network, and connect with your niche's market leaders and celebrities
  • Grow an engaged audience of thousands within weeks
  • Build your mailing list rapidly and easily
  • Become a sought-after speaker, mentor, consultant and author

podcast incubator makes becoming a successful podcaster EASY. Here's how:

  • Step by step videos

    No more confusion, and no more Google-searching!

    Every single step to go from zero to launching a successful podcast is covered in easy-to-follow, digestible videos inside the Podcast Incubator.

  • Amazing Community

    If you get stuck or have questions, our closed members-only Facebook group, the ‘Podcast Incubator Family’ is there for you, 24/7, filled with actively engaged people from all over the world , all working to support your success!

    I’m there for a few hours every day too, by the way!:)

  • Over the shoulder support

    Checklists and fill-in-the-blanks templates for everything you need will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and save you a ridiculous amount of time.

    Extra over-the-shoulder videos will show you step by step how I go through each part of the process with my own podcast shows, so you will quickly learn how to do everything like the pros!

  • Live Q&A Sessions

    Weekly Q&A sessions for Podcast Incubator students where you can ask anything and get answers and support – live! (as well as learn from others, get feedback, and build your network!)

By joining the podcast incubator today, you will:

  • Instantly get access to videos, fill-in-the-blanks templates and checklists that cover everything you need in order to go from zero to launching your successful podcast show
  • Discover my tried and tested launch blueprint, that has propelled all of my students to top iTunes rankings (you can see some examples below)
  • Network, connect, and become a part of the best podcasting community online
  • Launch a successful podcast show within weeks that will build your brand, your list, your authority, and your INCOME!

But More Important… Here are some ways to make podcasting a lucrative revenue stream for you:

  • Signing sponsorships deals (these can range from $300 per episode and up to $100,000 per year)
  • Affiliate marketing (one of my students made almost $10,000 last month just from referring his listeners to his favorite resources)
  • Selling your own products
  • High-price international consulting gigs
  • Offering coaching / mentoring 1-on-1 sessions ($200 per hour and upwards)
  • Setting up paid mastermind groups
  • Paid public speaking gigs
  • Joint ventures with market leaders
  • Selling online courses & premium memberships

Ready to start your podcast?

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Ralph Quintero

Meron’s strategies and services have been instrumental in the launch and growth of all of our podcasts.

His insights and ideas get us the results we want and help us to deliver an amazing experience to our audience.

Ralph Quintero Founder at Bald One Media

What’s Inside the podcast incubator

Get Immediate Access To

Over the shoulder videos, checklists and templates that will take you step by step from zero to successful podcaster (valued at $2171) including:

1. Planning Your Podcast

Figuring out your podcast idea, the best format for your show, your customer avatar and finding the perfect audience valued at $347

2. Setting Your Podcast Up

How to choose a name for your podcast, write a description that makes people subscribe, create artwork that gets noticed, and create professional sounding intros and outros -easily, and step-by-step! valued at $347

3. Podcast Equipment & Software

Learn what software and gear you'll need, how to set them up and how to use them so you can sound like a pro - on any budget! valued at $347

4. Recording Your Podcast

How to plan, outline, and record your podcast episodes with ease, including microphone techniques! valued at $347

5. Editing Your Podcast

Learn how to edit your show, add intros and outros, and create an MP3 episode that sounds great and is ready to go! valued at $347

6. Launching & Marketing Your Podcast

Our step by step, tried and tested launch blueprint will get your show to the top of your categories rankings. Everything from setting up your podcast hosting and website, submitting the show to podcast directories, to going live and building up your downloads is covered here! valued at $347

6. Monetizing & Making Money With Your Podcast

Entire module with guest expert John Lee Dumas on monetizing your podcast and building multiple 5-figure income streams using affiliate products, sponsorships, and creating your own products. Includes proven fill-in-the-blanks templates for pitching sponsors! valued at $347


  • Podcast Incubator Family

    Our closed Facebook group is the best podcasting community you could ask for.

    With people from every continent in the world – there’s always someone online to offer you support, answer your questions, starve the doubts and share the journey!

    Valued at: Priceless!

100% Mobile Friendly!

Frankly, The Podcast Incubator has everything you need to take you from beginner to successful podcaster.

The only thing missing is…


Ready to become a successful podcaster?


Get access to:

The Podcast Incubator training & community (valued at $4410)

+ Bonuses & weekly live Q&A sessions (valued at $1000)

Total value: $5410

Now available at $5410 as low as 6 X $97!

Yes! I'm In.plans start at $97

Want Proof?

We Have plenty!

Here are some amazing results of Podcast Incubator students

#1 Top Business Podcast in USA: Podcast Incubator Student
Outranking Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, Harvard Business Review, Michael Stelzner and Amy Porterfield! (July, 2014)

Apple's Performing Arts New & Noteworthy rankings:
Top 3 are Podcast Incubator students (April 2014)

July 2014: Two Podcast Incubator Students Ranking on the iTunes homepage!

And more…

Ranking neck-to-neck with #1 NY Times bestseller, Tim Ferriss:
Podcast Incubator student, Bill Nowicki  
(May, 2014)

Podcast Incubator Student, Jonah Wilson, #4 In Careers Podcasts! (August 2014)

Podcast Incubator Student Outranking John Dumas, Suze Orman, and Michael Hyatt In Apple's New&Noteworthy business rankings

And more!

Podcast Incubator Student Ranking As #3 In Management & Marketing Podcasts (July 2014)

And more!!

Two Podcast Incubator Students Ranking At the top of Society & Culture Noteworthy Podcasts (July 2014)

And more!!!

Podcast Incubator Student Ranking As #1 in Apple's Noteworthy Training Podcasts (August 2014)

And MORE!!!

Podcast Incubator student ranking as #1 Noteworthy podcast on the iTunes main page (July 2014)

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What real Podcast Incubators are saying

Ani Alexander

“It took me only 3 weeks from the point when I knew nothing about podcasts until I launched my own podcast.

Meron, in a very clear and comprehensive way, shares everything you need to know.”

Ani Alexander Write 2B Read
Deacon Hayes

“Meron has helped me tremendously with fine tuning the show and because of his insights the Well Kept Wallet Podcast is far better than I could have made it on my own.”


Deacon Hayes Well Kept Wallet Podcast
Reba Charleston

“The Podcast Incubator offered bite size video instructions on every step, that were comprehensive and easy to follow, regardless of your technical skill level.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Meron Bareket to anyone interested in starting their own podcast. I can’t thank Meron enough for everything he’s done in teaching me.”

Reba Charleston Life Transformation Coach
Bill Nowicki

“Meron has changed the way I view my future and helped me launch my podcast, Submarine Sea Stories which is consistently in the top 10 in performing arts in the US.

Thanks for changing my life! Can’t wait for more adventures. “

Bill Nowicki Marietta, Georgia
Leah Weintraub

“There’s no better place than the Podcast Incubator to learn how to start and market your Podcast. 

Meron is an expert and he breaks the why’s and how’s down into doable steps, clearly explained.

He is extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals.”

Leah Weintraub Just Jew It Mobile Magazine
Trevor LaRene

“Meron’s experience in radio, publishing, and podcasting gives him the validity to teach everyone, and he remains my mentor and my first-line of support for podcasting questions.

He gave me foundational knowledge and insights into podcasting that gave me the confidence to launch my own podcast show.

Meron’s Podcast Incubator will take you as far as you want to go.”

Trevor LaRene Make Your Someday Today
Jonah Wilson

“The training is amazing and the awesome family of podcasters in the community is priceless!

Podcast Incubator walks you through the steps to record, edit, and produce an inspiring podcast all by yourself.

Every step of the way is guided through the videos & checklists that Meron provides, and you can always receive an answer quickly from the worldwide family of podcasters in the community if you have any questions!

The moment you join Podcast Incubator, you become a part of the family. So what are you waiting for?”

Jonah Wilson Money Making Millennials
Michelle Y. Talbert

“Meron helped our podcast grow quickly, AND exponentially. 

With his guidance, I also got hired by two major international conferences as a social media correspondent!

I can’t speak highly enough of Meron as an accessible and knowledgable thought leader, who has the kindest heart. If you have a dream to innovate and impact others you MUST work with Meron.”

Michelle Y. Talbert Attorney, Producer and Co-host, “They Met Online...”
Pete Sveen

“Meron helped take my podcasting to the next level. He’s saved me so much time in learning how to get great audio and to get the most exposure for the show as possible.

I’d definitely recommend the Podcast Incubator to anyone interested in starting a podcast or taking it to the next level.”

Pete Sveen Owner at Think Entrepreneurship

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100% Risk Free – No-Questions-Asked – 30 Days Money Back Gurantee

I know the Podcast Incubator will blow your mind. Which is why I’m willing to lift all of the risk off your shoulders and place it firmly onto mine and offer an iron-clad, 30 day money back guarantee on this course.

There you go. Absolutely 100% no risk!

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